Late night entertainment venues – cleaning checklist

Nightclubs are very different areas compared with offices. The cleaning and maintenance supplies that you need, the staff, procedures, schedules, and routines that you need to clean a nightclub aren’t much different than that of other, less aggressive venues in the service industry, like restaurants, bars, and hybrids of both (which most are). The checklists, however, differ greatly.

This is mostly due to the fact that nightclubs are way more intense and energetic. Also, they focus less on food and more on beverages, and have a much higher volume of people inside, who often stand in close proximity. Here’s a nightclub cleaning checklist that will  help get you started:

Before Opening

Before opening, your cleaning tasks are minimal. What needs to be done is to prepare your staff for operations and the on-the-go cleaning that’s required while the club is active. Tasks include:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming all entrances/exits, hallways, and floors
  • Dusting all surfaces and where needed
  • Wiping/disinfecting all table tops, chairs, booths, bar tops, and other high touchpoint surfaces
  • Replacing and replenishing all dishware, cleaning and maintenance supplies, and restroom materials

During Business Hours

During business hours it’s definitely difficult to clean, but it’s necessary. Spills, broken glass, empty bottles and cups, and other nightclub consumption piles up quickly, and in this environment, accumulating dishware and waste leads to spills and broken glass, and this can be dangerous. Your cleaning checklist during business hours should include:

  • Constant removal of trash, empty bottles, glassware and cups by serving and bussing staff
  • The cleaning, disinfecting, and drying of all surfaces of spaces vacated by patrons before the arrival of new parties
  • Constant monitoring of the floors and communal spaces by staff for waste and spills
  • Removal of waste, ice, and/or broken glass from floors
  • Immediate mopping of spills and drying the spill area before patrons re-enter spill zones
  • Some visitors have taken to throwing talcum powder on dance floors to improve “slipping” when dancing. This obviously has the potential for accidents and damage to expensive flooring.
  • Emptying waste bins and removing trash as needed

After Closing

The bulk of your nightclub cleaning duties is reserved for the checklist of tasks that come after business hours, when the nightclub has emptied of all patrons. The tasks should be split up between all staff, typically with staff members performing duties specific to their area of work during business hours. The checklist should include:

  • Clearing all waste and garbage from all surfaces and floors
  • Clearing all dishware and service materials and running them through the dishwasher
  • Top-down cleaning of all surfaces
  • Disinfecting of all surfaces
  • Sweeping/vacuuming all floors
  • Wet mopping all floors
  • Removing all trash and replacing bin liners where used

Simple things like toilet tissue, hand soap, paper towels and feminine hygiene products may need replenishing. Keeping on top of cleaning maintenance should ensure an accident free fantastic event enjoyed by all. If you would like to discuss post event cleaning – be sure to give us a call.