How to find a Professional Cleaner using the Internet…


As a cleaning company – we need to make sure that we can compete on quality and price based upon our own values with other credible companies. To do this we look at our competition locally, regionally and nationally. When you employ someone credibility is key. Credibility or trustworthiness is what we use to help us make the best choices; whether choosing a holiday or a new computer.

We are never failed to be impressed by the creativity shown in some websites in terms of their photography and layout. However, we are not competing with Serco (£2,000m) or Mitie (£800m) so we use Companies House (UK only) to identify businesses of similar sizes to ourselves for fairer comparisons.

It is truly shocking that sites exist that appear to employ hundreds of people with access and experience to deliver cleaning whole apartment blocks or floor polishing of aircraft hangers but in truth do not employ anyone. It is very easy to be persuaded by snappy text or perfect images. Here are a couple of ways to find a cleaning company that is right for you.

In our experience – trust and credibility is the most important aspect of dealing with a business. If a business says that it is a member of BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) or NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association (our number is 4041) or the Living Wage Foundation, or CHAS etc then all of these are checkable on the websites of each organisation. If a cleaning company does not claim to be joined with any of these organisations or similar – are they right for you?

Unlike many cleaning companies, we have an office based in our town. We use this for training, meetings with clients and staff in addition to storage. Many cleaning companies do not have offices as they may use storage sites for their equipment or perhaps personnel store products and cleaning equipment at their home.

If you with to deal with a company rather than a business – make sure that they have a company number displayed on their website. For example – ours is listed at the foot of this page and is “08255537”. By visiting Companies House you can check the people involved in running the business and details such as listed addresses.

Most cleaning company websites that you will see locally when searching are likely to be sole traders or self employed companies or just individuals. As a business we employ our own staff. They are not on commission or pay money to us for “leads”. They are our staff and part of our team – whether they are in Nottingham, Stamford, Rushden or Lincoln we know their names and they know ours.

Sometimes all you need is a local person who advertises in your local shop with a postcard displayed in the shop window; better still – someone who is recommended by a friend or colleague. But if you require a business who can supply method statements, risk assessments or approved by the County Council for delivery into Schools or perhaps TUPE staff with pension arrangements and GAD certificates then make sure you talk with your local cleaning company. Marigolds Services.