ATP Testing

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing for cleaning is like using a special tool to check how much “living energy” remains on surfaces after they’ve been cleaned. Testing measures light that passes through a sample.

Here’s how it works:

  1. ATP – The Energy Molecule:  ATP is like a tiny battery that all living cells use to power themselves. It’s found in everything alive, from plants to animals to bacteria. When something is dirty or has germs on it, there tends to be more ATP present.
  2. The Testing Tool – ATP Meter: Think of the ATP meter as a detective’s magnifying glass. It’s a device that can measure the amount of ATP present on a surface. The more ATP it finds, the more likely it is that the surface isn’t as clean as it should be.
  3. Sampling Surfaces: To start the process, testers take samples from various surfaces, like kitchen counters, doorknobs, or bathroom sinks. These samples are like snapshots of the surface’s cleanliness.
  4. Adding a Reagent: We use ultrasnap swabs to measure ATP. This reacts with ATP molecules, and then measured using the Ensure Touch.
  5. Measuring the Light: After adding the reagent, the sample is put into the ATP meter. The meter measures the amount of light produced by the reaction between the reagent and ATP. This measurement gives testers an idea of how much ATP is present, and by extension, how clean or dirty the surface is.
  6. Interpreting the Results: Based on the amount of light detected, testers can determine if the surface is clean or if it needs more attention. If the light levels are high, it suggests there are still plenty of ATP molecules around, meaning the surface might not be as clean as it needs to be. If the light levels are low, it indicates the surface is likely clean.

ATP testing for cleaning is crucial because it helps ensure that surfaces are free from harmful germs and bacteria. It’s especially important in places like hospitals, restaurants, and food processing plants where cleanliness is essential for health and safety.

At Marigolds Services, we use a Hygiena Ensure Touch with Ultrasnap swabs so that we can measure the cleanliness of environments and therefore the effectiveness of cleaning methods and any chemicals used.

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